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A leading online MGA, we provide bespoke underwriting solutions for hard to place business through our online Instant Quotes system and dedicated team of Underwriters. 

Gresham is a product driven company which, like an insurance company, has a range of products which are purchased by insurance brokers on behalf of their customers (policyholders).  Gresham does not act as a broker or aggregator as it does not offer product comparison or advice.

Brokers use Gresham products for the following reasons:

  • Gresham provides a range of standard products to them, some or all of which they cannot access elsewhere due to their size/market relationships, and/or
  • Gresham provides ‘Special Products’ which serve an under provided sector of the marketplace, giving the broker an edge to win business.

Brokers benefit from the Gresham service for the following reasons:

  • Products are available to quote and buy online 24/7 speed of fulfilment, and/or
  • The Gresham team is available to discuss underwriting requirements (including the ability to flex terms and conditions to accept risks of a non-standard nature).

Key Contact:

Robert Munden, Chief Underwriting Officer


T: 01322 223883

Location: Dartford, Kent.

Website: www.greshamonline.net

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